Friday, July 25, 2008

German Battle to the Finish in Canada

In another tough battle between German rivals, Angela Maurer beat Britta Kamrau at the FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup in Quebec, Canada held at the Traversee internationale du lac St-Jean. Maurer won in 2:13.57.49 over Kamrau's 2:14.28.58. Lucy Redgrove of Australia was right behind in third, finishing in 2:15.10.65 followed by Natalya Pankina of Russia (2:15.10.93), Shelley Clark of Australia (2:15.12.96) and Imelda Martinez of Mexico (2:15.12.96).

Maurer was the only female swimmer in Lac St Jean who will also be competing in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim. Prior to the race, Maurer, a mother of a young son, said, "I am so happy to go to the Olympics and am looking forward to Beijing."

Photo of Maurer and Kamrau entering the water by Morty Berger of the Manhattan Island Foundation.

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