Saturday, February 2, 2008

FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee

The FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee is an influential, passionate group of individuals who set the rules and policies of open water swimming, promote open water swimming worldwide via the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup and the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, and have supported the International Olympic Committee to add the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim marathon swimming to the Olympic schedule.

The Chairman is Sid Cassidy of the US, the Vice Chairman is Ronnie Wong Man Chui of Hong Kong and the Honorable Secretary is Shelley Taylor-Smith of Australia. Members include Valerijus Belovas of Lithuania, Flavio Bomio of Switzerland, Alan Clarkson of Great Britain, Jorge Delgado Panchana of Ecuador, Dr. Mohie Wahid Farid of Egypt, Paulo Frischknecht of Portugal, Tomas Haces German of Cuba, Dennis Miller of Fiji and Vladimir Srb of the Czech Republic. The FINA Bureau Liaison is Nory Kruchten of Luxembourg. The Coaches' Commission Liaison is Osvaldo Arsenio of Argentina. The Athletes' Commission Liaison is Daniel Kowalski of Australia.

A series of articles will introduce these distinguished members one-by-one. The first member to be introduced is Shelley Taylor-Smith. Instead of writing about Shelley, let's look at one of her YouTube videos.

Next week, we'll learn about Chairman Sid Cassidy who is currently coaching in Florida.

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