Thursday, December 3, 2009

Swimming From Sandbars

Sandbar swims are just totally cool. Fiji Swims annually holds a great 2.7K race between the absolutely gorgeous islands of Beachcomber and Treasure in the South Pacific.

Twice a day the sandbars pop up and create temporary playgrounds for open water swimmers.

Terry Laughlin also holds a camp at the Island School in Cape Eleuthera in the Bahamas where the swimmers head out to a sandbar 2.5 miles offshore and swim back. According to Terry Laughlin, Schooner Cays in the Bahamas is a tropical paradise where swimmers can swim in the relatively shallow waters between a group of small desert islands concentrated together.

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Christian Henry said...

Right on Steven! The Island School loves hosting open water swimmers - great role models for our high school students. Recently, we had a student start the semester not be able to swim 20 yards, and last week he finished a 4 mile open water swim. Open water swimming is a huge confidence builder. The irony is that many local people are afraid of the water and don't know how to swim. Some Island School alumni wanted to address this and got this going: We look forward to having Terry and Total Immersion back in the Bahamas to get to the beautiful sand bars off of Cape Eleuthera! (Pics of Eleuthera: