Monday, November 16, 2009

Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Pirates Week 5K Sea Swim, scheduled for this past Saturday in the Cayman Islands, was postponed due to the weather. Safety support, sponsor issues, volunteers and swimmer expectations are just a few of the serious concerns organizing committees always face when deciding whether to proceed or cancel under unpredictable conditions - and it is never an easy decision to make or announce.

Unofficially, however, seven swimmers showed up on race morning to do whatever the sea conditions would allow. Rough chop and large swells had calmed considerably overnight, so the locals and visitors enjoyed a combined 2.5K and 5K swim.

Jane Botta said, "Of course it was disappointing to have the 5K canceled, but you can never predict Mother Nature. We chose to swim despite the conditions and truly enjoyed a challenging swim in the surf and chop. I’ve been visiting Cayman for over seven years for open water swims because normally the conditions are ideal. This time, the water and wind gave us a challenge that made the effort of a long-distance swim seem like an even greater accomplishment."

The Pirates Week 5K, Cayman’s oldest sea swim, has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 28.

Upper photo shows coach Jerry Harper (timer), Shannon Prendergast (Virginia, USA), Sally Poole (Cayman Islands), Wendy Buckner (Canada), Kate Alexander (Cayman Islands), Jane Botta (Illinois, USA), Jim Woods (New York, USA) and Diane Korn (New York, USA).

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Unknown said...

It was tremendous to be able to get in the water and go for an unofficial sea swim. I'll be back to get it done officially!

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