Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is It Flat? Winds In The Catalina Channel

Over the years as we have escorted, paddled, kayaked and coached marathon swimmers across the Catalina Channel and other locations in the Pacific Ocean, we have always dreaded winds. Especially strong winds in the afternoon.

Those winds generate whitecaps and mean surface chop that unmercifully punishes marathon swimmers in the open ocean.

For those contemplating or training for a marathon swim in the Catalina Channel, there are several live online views available:

1. Here is a live webcam view from Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island.
2. Here is up-to-date information from the Catalina Isthmus.
3. Here is a live webcam view from the other direction: from Huntington Beach on the California mainland looking out towards Catalina Island.
4. Many Catalina-to-mainland swimmers usually end up finishing near Cabrillo Beach which can be seen here with up-to-date water and weather conditions.
5. They often finish near Point Fermin (photo above) which can be seen live here.

How's the water look today?

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