Monday, November 23, 2009

50 Cool Open Water Swimming Websites

The number of open water swimming websites providing valuable information in a visual dynamic manner continues to exponentially increase. Some of these websites have online social networking functionalities.

Below is a list of 50 unique, educational and informative websites that have caught our eye (listed in no particular order).

If your favorite open water swimming website is not shown, please submit your suggestions.

1. Midmar Mile: a comprehensive portal to the world’s largest open water swimming event.
2. New Zealand Ocean Swim Series: a comprehensive portal to the largest swim series in New Zealand
3. Great Swim: an entertaining portal for the Great Swims organized by the Nova International
4. NYC Swim: comprehensive portal to open water swimming in and around New York City
5. Lewis Gordon Pugh: multi-lingual website of an incredible open water swimming adventurer and environmentalist
6. Marcos Diaz: the most successful Dominican Republican swimmer in history with an entrepreneurial bent
7. Lac St-Jean: a bilingual French-English website of the famous Lac St-Jean pro swim.
8. Santa Fe-Coronda: Spanish-language website of the pro Sante Fe-to-Coronda race in Argentina
9. Aqualoja: a bilingual Portuguese-English website that combines event coverage with an online swim shop
10. Wild Swimming: a unique look and comprehensive presentation of open water swimming in Great Britain
11. European Open Water Swimming: the most comprehensive open water swimming news portal with focus on European open water swimming events.
12. Open Water Source: a comprehensive open water swimming portal
13. Cape Swim: an open water swimming site for Cape Town, South Africa
14. Ana Marcela Cunha: a Portuguese-language website of a top pro swimmer from Brazil
15. Ocean Swims: a comprehensive news, race results and events portal, specializing in Australia
16. Cook Strait: facts and figures on the Cook Strait in New Zealand
17. Channel Swimmers: for those who want to swim, or have swum, the English Channel
18. King & Queen of the Sea: professional open water series in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19. Bulgarian Open Water: information on Bulgarian open water swimming
20. Outdoor Swimming Society: a comprehensive and entertaining open water swimming portal for those in the U.K.
21. Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association: a description of events in the Santa Barbara Channel
22. Pacific Swims: website of open water swimming events in the South Pacific
23. Open Water Photography: great open water swimming photos
24. Natalie du Toit: incredible South African Olympian
25. Maarten van der Weijden: Olympic 10K Marathon Swim gold medalist and inspirational leukemia survivor
26. Water World Swim: San Francisco Bay cold-water swims
27. Fiji Swims: open water swims in Fiji
28. St. Croix Coral Reef Swim: open water race in beautiful St. Croix
29. Irish Channel: a list of solo swims in the cold-water Irish Channel
30. Swim Across America: a portal of extremely successful charity open water swims across America
31. Tiburon Mile: world’s most competitive professional short-distance open water swim
32. Swim Trek: a portal of unforgettable open water swimming holiday adventures
33. Jolla Cove Swim Club: a California open water swimming club
34. Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club: an open water swimming club in Jersey
35. Britta Kamrau: top pro swimmer Britta Kamrau of Germany
36. Damian Blaum: a Spanish-language website of a top professional swimmer from Argentina
37. Dan Martin: website tracking the Global Triathlon with a swim across the Atlantic Ocean
38. International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame: descriptions of the greatest marathon swimmers in history
39. Swim Smooth: an easy-to-understand, extremely helpful educational site to help you swim faster and smoother
40. All about Open Water: an educational open water swimming site
41. Rottnest Channel Swim: website of the world's largest long-distance channel race has a strong community component
42. Sea King Challenge: a professional invitational race on the 2016 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim course
43. Rob Aquatics: extreme details of open water swimming from a prolific documentarist
44. Axxexx DSL Ocean Racing Series: charity and competitive ocean racing series in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa
45. Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation: the go-to site for English Channel solo and relay swimming aspirants
46. Channel Swimming Association: the English Channel swimming website with a history dating back to 1927
47. Vansbrosimningen: the website of the largest open water swimming event in Europe
48. YouTube: the world's largest video-sharing service that has many open water swimming videos
49. Facebook: social network where millions of open water swimmers congregate online
50. Waikiki Roughwater Swim: 2.4-mile ocean swim that started the Ironman craze whose website has full results back to 1970

Photo by Colin A Gift of Joe Orman in San Francisco Bay during New Year's Day Alcatraz Swim.

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