Thursday, October 29, 2009

Warm Winter Wetsuits For Sale

The Outdoors Swimming Society is promoting and selling a 5mm wetsuit suitable for winter swimming.

Even as the open water in the Northern Hemisphere drops near freezing (literally), the Outdoors Swimming Society says, "...a thermal liner to keep you toasty even when the water drops to a few degrees...with all the multi-dimensional flexibility and low drag you would expect in a high-end technical swimming wetsuit, this wetsuit is made for winter."

The Society has even gone further by changing the weight of the fabric in the legs, the wetsuit is specially made to be more comfortable for head-up breaststroke (a popular stroke in mid-winter) than normal triathlete wetsuits.

Every £350 wetsuit is custom-ordered by taking 23 different body measurements and takes 3-4 weeks to arrive.

The low-down includes :
• 5mm neoprene (with panels of 4mm and 3mm) which makes it suitable for temperatures near freezing.
• designed specifically for warmth when swimming.
• has a mesh skin exterior suitable for a bit of crawling about.
• has an inner of hollow fiber fleece which is quick drying and retains body heat.
• has thinner material on the legs which makes the legs less buoyant so they will be in the water, not on the water, facilitating head-up breaststroke.
• is made of Yamamoto neoprene.

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