Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sharks And Bone-Chilling Water...What More Can You Ask For?

51-year-old Theodore Yach is currently training for the challenge of his life.

Over the course of his career, Theodore has completed the English Channel and an unprecedented 54 crossings between Robben Island and South African mainland in or near Cape Town in South Africa.

He will attempt a 29.5K cold-water swim from Three Anchor Bay to Robben Island and back on or around December 7th in 12-13°C (53-55°F water).

The Theodore Yach Ultra Swim is a charity swim on behalf of the Cadiz Open Water Swimming Development Trust which raises funds for disadvantaged swimmers who do not have the funds or resources to follow their passion.

An impressive explanation of the The Theodore Yach Ultra Swim is here.

Double the trouble, but we are looking forward to the success of his solo swim and the success of his charity.

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