Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sharkfest In San Diego

"You yell shark, and we got a panic on our hands," was a quote from the 1975 blockbuster movie Jaws.

But this apparently is not going to stop 500 open water swimmers from participating in the 1-mile Sharkfest™ Swim in San Diego Bay between Coronado Island and San Diego’s bayfront this weekend.

A sister-swim of the San Francisco Bay's always popular Alcatraz Sharkfest™, an event now on its 18th year, the race was envisioned by the renowned Dave Horning and organized by his wife Wendy. "If you haven’t trained, you shouldn’t be thinking about it. But for those experience swimmers, when they finish, they can say, ‘I swam the Coronado Bridge.’”

Not surprising given its ecological efforts, the Port of San Diego’s environmental department worked with Dave and Wendy to design a route that would prevent the swimmers from causing any harm to the habitat.

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