Sunday, September 13, 2009

RCP Tiburon Mile Winners Take Different Approaches

Kane Radford took control of the RCP Tiburon Mile right from the start with two-time RCP Tiburon Mile champion Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia and defending champion Trent Grimsey of Australia taking their own lines towards the finish. But, it was Kane Radford of New Zealand who won the US$10,000 winner-take-all first prize in the 65˚F (17˚C) waters in San Francisco Bay this morning.

"I was grateful that I had the best line [to the finish], said Kane who finished comfortably ahead in 22:13 over Grimsey's 22:13 and Dyatchin's 22:50.

The women's race was a third-women battle between Melissa Gorman of Australia, Eva Fabian and Chloe Sutton of the USA.

There were several lead changes in the short 1.2-mile sprint race, but the swimmers were all aware of each other throughout the race. As the three women came into the harbor, Chloe and Eva went a little wide as they were swimming shoulder-to-shoulder, allowing Melissa to put on a final kick. "I saw an opening," Melissa said.

Melissa finished a stroke and a step ahead of Eva and Chloe in a close finish (24:06 to 24:08 to 24:09). "I've never won so much money in a race," said Melissa. "I am not sure what I am going to do with the money yet."

A more comprehensive story on the race is here at Swimming World Magazine.

Overall men's results:
1. Kane Radford, New Zealand, 22:13
2. Trent Grimsey, Australia, 22:18
3. Vladimir Dyatchin, Russia, 22:50
4. Ous Mellouli, Tunisia, 23:47
5. Andrew Beato, Australia, 23:58
6. John Koehler Jr., USA, 24:20
7. Thiego Pereira, Brazil, 24:23
8. Brendan Capell, Australia, 24:42
9. Zach Hansford, Australia, 24:44
10. Ben Hinshaw, USA 25:17

Overall women's results:
1. Melissa Gorman, Australia, 24:06
2. Eva Fabian, USA, 24:08
3. Chloe Sutton, USA, 24:09
4. Britta Kamrau, Germany, 24:24
5. Ekaterina Seliverstova, Russia, 24:41
6. Luane Rowe, Australia, 24:53
7. Stacey Hansford, Australia, 25:51
8. Taylor Nanfria, USA 25:58
9. Caitlin Leverenz, USA 26:00
10. Lauren Matevish, USA, 26:02

Photo shows the elite swimmer start on Angel Island, 1.2 miles away from Tiburon across the San Francisco Bay.

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