Monday, September 14, 2009

Gatormen Face Rough Water In La Jolla

Anne Cleveland reported from the yesterday's La Jolla Rough Water Swim, America's largest and oldest open water swim: "It was a close race for first in the 3-mile Gatorman all the way to the finish, but Deni Cullom finished 5 seconds ahead of Alex Kostich, followed by Catalina Channel men's record holder Todd Robinson."

"The first female finisher Dawn Heckman was not far behind in the usual choppy afternoon conditions."

"We had a high tide combined with a mixed predominantly west swell, causing some big surf at the finish. The lifeguards were working overtime keeping swimmers off the stairs near the finish. A nightmare for safety, but they got everyone in with no mishaps."

The top five Gatormen finishers in the 79th annual event included:

1. Deni Cullom 1:00:03
2. Alex Kostich 1:00:08
3. Todd Robinson 1:01:25
4. Samuel Morgan 1:01:38
5. Jerry Mahoney 1:02:58

1. Dawn Heckman 1:02:58
2. Lynette Lim 1:04:37
3. Jaqueline Corcoran 1:05:45
4. Amy Dantzler 1:09:24
5. Stacy Peterson 1:11:53

Photos of Deni Cullom by Howard Lipin of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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