Saturday, August 8, 2009

Triple Crown With Some Aloha

One more individual, with a bit of aloha, has been added to the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming: Michael Miller of Kailua (Honolulu), Hawaii. The global list now stands at 33.

Michael completed the Catalina Channel in 10:20 in 2003, the English Channel in 16:09 in 2008 and swam around Manhattan Island in 8:03 in 2004.

For good measure, Michael (shown on left before his Manhattan Island swim)started off his marathon swimming career in Hawaii when he crossed the Molokai Channel (Kaiwi Channel) in 1979 in 16:37.

The only other person to complete the "Hawaiian" Triple Crown is Forrest Nelson who did the English Channel in 10:33 in 2005, the Catalina Channel in 10:35 in 2004, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 9:41 in 2007 in addition to doing the Molokai Channel in 15:59 in 2006, the Cook Strait in 2008 in 11:56 (shown on left) and the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in 2005 in 10:21.