Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stoychev Comes Through Again In Lac Memphremagog

Petar Stoychev continues to dominate FINA's pro marathon swimming circuit. After swimming in the 2009 World Swimming Championships 10K in Italy and winning the Traversee internationale du Lac St-Jean, Petar won the Traversee internationale du lac Memphremagog today.

The top three results are as follows:

1. Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria)
2. Damian Blaum (Argentina)
3. Alexander Studzinski (Germany)

1. Anna Uvarova (Russia)
2. Pilar Geijo (Argentina)
3. Natalya Pankina (Russia)

According to the FOCUS Information Agency, Petar set a new record of 7 hours, 16 minutes and 22 seconds. "It was an incredible competition. Again it was held under hard conditions but I felt great all the time despite that the temperature of the water was of 18°C. I am very proud of myself, both for the new record and my 9th [FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix victory] in a row."

"At the final, there were around 3,000 people, including about a hundred Bulgarians. When I get on the first place podium and the Bulgarian anthem resounded, almost everyone started crying. I couldn’t stop myself from crying either and my eyes filled with tears when I saw the joy and happiness of the Bulgarians who are so far from Bulgaria at this moment. I dedicate my latest title and today’s record to my family that has been supporting me over all these years."

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Anonymous said...

This are the results from last year :)

Steven Munatones said...

Whoops. We are terribly sorry and will correct immediaely.