Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Hero Among Heroes

Before the marathon swimmers have their day in the sun at the International Swimming Hall of Fame this September, one of the most prolific marathon swimmers of all time, Kevin Murphy (GBR), will be inducted among an elited group of honorees.

Only the greatest of marathon swimmers are honored by the International Swimming Hall of Fame - which requires a global vote of experts from all aquatic disciplines - and we are pleased to see Kevin honored among history's greatest aquatic heroes.

Kevin's fellow 2009 inductees include Olympic swimmers Inge De Bruijn of the Netherlands, Aleksandr Popov of Russia and Jenny Thompson of the USA, synchronized swimmer Olga Brusnikina of Russia, water polo player/coach Gianni Lonzi of Italy, coach Irraku Matsuzawa of Japan, contributor from synchronized swimming Judy McGowan of the USA and pioneer swimmer Iet van Feggelen of the Netherlands.

In addition, Kevin will be representing our community at a fete honoring the nine living USA Olympic swim team head coaches including Stan Tinkham (1956), Peter Daland (1964, 1972), Jack Nelson (1976), Don Gambril (1984), Mark Schubert (1992, 2000, 2004), Eddie Reese (1992, 2004, 2008), Skip Kenney (1996) and Jack Bauerle (2008). The event will be broadcast by SwimmingWorld.TV.

Certainly our sport will be well represented at the International Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies in September.

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