Monday, July 27, 2009

Riding The Wave Of Victory

Dr. Jim Miller took these fascinating photos of the 25K swimmers during the 2009 World Swimming Championships on Saturday.

Up and down the athlete competed for nearly six hours in the surf in another thrilling race at Ostia Beach in front of thousands of cheering Italian fans - only to end the race on an incoming wave.

Towards the final few frantic strokes, Angela Maurer (shown in the white swim cap with 2 black stripes) pulled slightly ahead and won by a half a stroke in 5:47:48 over Anna Uvarova of Russia (white cap with blue and red stripes) and Federica Vitale of Italy who were swimming right behind. But as Anna and Federica reached up to simultaneously touch the finish banner, a wave dropped Federica down and she could not reach the banner with her outstretched arm.

On her repeated attempts to touch the banner, Federica ended up with a bronze medal on her third attempt to touch the finish banner.

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