Thursday, July 16, 2009

Explosive Growth In Sweden

Last week, Vansbrosimningen saw 9,841 individuals participate in the largest open water race in northern Europe.

Mike Thorén of Simsällskap won the men's 5K race in 59:14 and Trine Gudnitz of Helsingør Svømmeklub won the women's 5K race in 1:03:45 in 15.5ºC water.

Vansbrosimningen officially started in 1956 after 9 people swam under six bridges back in 1950 as a challenge.

And it has experienced constant growth ever since: there were 400 swimmers in 1972, 1,120 in 1982 2,672 swimmers in 1992, over 4,000 swimmers in 2002 and over 7,000 swimmers in 2006. With swimmers from several European countries and others from as far away as Mexico, Vansbrosimningen has become another major event on the global open water swimming schedule.

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