Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hooking 'Em Young in New Zealand

The Sovereign New Zealand Ocean Swim Series gets them hooked young with their Sovereign OceanKids swims. OceanKids not only receive a swim cap and sponsor’s goodie bag, but more importantly, they are also introduced to the sport of open water swimming in a fun, friendly, safe environment.

Open to children between the ages of 8-11, the OceanKids races are 200 meter events. The next OceanKids race is part of the Corsair Classic Christchurch race on the 5-part New Zealand Ocean Swim Series circuit (0.75K or 2.8K ocean swims).

The Corsair Classic Christchurch is encouraging its participants - both young and old - with a quote from Olympic medalist and coach Ken Doherty, "The five S's of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spiritbut the greatest of these is spirit."

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