Sunday, August 3, 2008

Let the Games (Soon) Begin

This week all of the pool swimmers and many of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim athletes will be checking into the Olympic Village.

Mark Warkentin took one last stroll around Singapore over the weekend before heading to Beijing.

Warkentin visited the world-renowned Raffles Hotel which is the place for dignitaries and socialites traveling through Singapore. Dressed in his Olympic attire, Warkentin had a virgin Singapore Sling.*

* Note: All USA Swimming Olympic Swim Team members are bound by a strictly enforced honor code that includes a provision that they shall not to consume any alcoholic beverages during the time they are representing the USA.

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Anonymous said...

Eva and Hemi are rooting for you Mark. Thanks for all your correspondence. Eva has known Mark for 25 years and is really jazzed to finally see you perform in front of all the world. Good Luck, Hemi...