Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chloe's Corner - with Dara Torres

Chloe Sutton of the Mission Viejo Nadadores was asked a series of questions prior to departing for Beijing about the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim. Here are her first-person answers.

Q2. Your female teammates are a talented bunch: Dara Torres, Amanda Beard and Natalie Coughlin. Do you ever talk open water swimming with them? If so, what do they ask you? Do you think any of them could become great open water swimmers?

A2. I have a story about Dara Torres. During the final night in Omaha when America's Olympic Swim Team was lining up to be introduced to the crowd, I was just in front of Dara. Dara introduced herself and I was in awe of her. She is only one year younger than my mom. She was very nice and I was able to smile and play with her daughter a bit. She is such a cute little girl! Dara was holding her after her grueling week. A look of pain crossed Dara's face. She said that she was so sore. Her daughter didn't want to be put down so Dara gladly put up with the pain in her legs and arms to hold her. It was an honor to be standing there with her. When my time came to be introduced, I am humbled and thrilled to be fulfilling the dream that I had worked so hard for. I knew the excitement was just beginning.

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