Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool Swimming Trick with Garmin

A chat room discussion at Beginner Triathlete explains how some triathletes measure the distance they swim in the open water by putting a Garmin device in a waterproof baggie and then puts the baggie underneath their swim cap.

Interesting solution. Has anyone in the open water swimming community tried it before?

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Josh said...

I have used my GPS to track some of my open water swims here in Utah. The method I use is found on this post. It involves putting a GPS unit in between two swim caps (the GPS signal gets distorted every time your arm goes underwater if you wear it on your wrist). There is also a great video using a different method here.

The GPS device used in both the blog post and the video is the same one that I use, the Garmin Forerunner 305. This particular unit is fairly expensive but Garmin makes less expensive models that should work just as well.

After your swim you can upload your GPS data to MotionBased and see where you swam on Google Maps as well as speed, distance, etc. You can also go to MotionBased and do a search for "Open Water Swimming" and see some of the swims that other people have done.

I hope this helps! Thanks for your great websites!

Steven Munatones said...

Thank you very much for this extremely helpful advice.